Quiz; Which Doll Are You Most Like?

Hello, readers!! AGsInAlaska recently posted a super fun quiz on her blog on which doll you were most like. I thought that was a SUPER fun idea, and so I decided to do one! Write down your answers on a piece of paper, and then scroll down to the bottom to see your results!

1. It’s a bright, sunny Saturday morning. You decide to spend it….

A. Wardrobe planning and online shopping

B. Taking pictures of the gorgeous fall leaves and then organizing your room

C. Playing video games and pranking


2. You could be described as;

A. Dramatic and dressy

B. Quiet yet confident

C. Crazy and energetic


3. You really hate it when….

A. You spill ketchup on a new shirt

B. You have to clear your camera’s memory card because you have so many pictures

C. You have to clean your room


4. You’d rather wear…

A. A sparkly shirt and tulle skirt with a cute infinity scarf

B. A tunic top, leggings, and sneakers

C. Shorts. T-shirt. End of story.



Now for the scoring!!

If you got mostly A’s; You’re like Ellie! Dramatic and glamorous, you love to look pretty and look at clothes.

If You Got Mostly B’s; You’re like Kit! Laid-back and quiet, you know what you like and set out to do it.

If You Got Mostly C’s; You’re like Adalyn! You hate frilly, girly things, and just want to have a good time.


So, what doll are you most like? This quiz was super fun to put together, and I can’t wait to hear you guy’s answers!




18 thoughts on “Quiz; Which Doll Are You Most Like?

Add yours

  1. I ended up with Adalyn. I think it’s pretty true, but I’m not entirely against frilly and girly. But I DO hate cleaning my room, and I AM crazy and energetic.

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