TAGS Annual Reader Survey


Hello, readers! If you read my other blog, Taking the Cake, you’ve probably taken my other survey…but please take this one also! This one is even shorter than the one on TTC, I promise.


Also, a quick explanation for TAGS’s sudden design change; a few days ago, somebody designed their blog to look almost identical to TAGS. I was, of course upset, but to this person, I would be like a mouse screaming at an elephant. The only thing I could do was change my design-so I hope it’s not too cluttered or cliched.



39 thoughts on “TAGS Annual Reader Survey

Add yours

      1. Your welcome! Plagarism is awful :(. My ex-bff used to sort of plagiarize my and my bff, it made me so mad. 😦 I’m glad everyone likes your new design though!
        ~ Arabella


  1. I took the survey! Ooh, I’m sorry that someone copied your blog design. Someone once copied something from my design before. It definitely doesn’t feel good. I want to know who did it but I understand if you don’t want to say πŸ™‚ I really like your new design!

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