Survey Results+March Happenings

Survey Results.png

Survey Results!

Hi, guys! The survey results are IN! Thank you so much to all 16 of you who took it and gave me super valuable info on how I can make TAGS better.

Check out the results here!

March Happenings

As you probably know (at least, I very much hope you know), it’s March! Which means…. *drumroll*…I’m back! Here’s what’s going on this month;

  • Lots of photoshoots, especially of Kit and Ellie (the reader favorites).
  • Crafts, including crochet doll boots, AG doll room decoration ideas, and DIY doll headbands.
  • Doll life hacks
  • The Adventures of Agent 453//A Photostory (Eek! I can’t wait for this!)

And more! (which means I’ll probably come up with some spectacular idea and post it out of schedule).

Ah, schedules! For the month of March, I’ll be posting on Mondays and Fridays. But I’ll probably have an awful time sticking to it, so expect some patchiness.

And yes, I’m still planning on getting another doll….sorry, I’m not at liberty to tell you more.





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