New Features Coming Soon


Hello, readers! Recently, TAGS has been a bit humdrum and boring as of late, don’t you think?

That’s why I’ve set my brain working and now have some cool new features for all of you guys, starting very soon.


Send-It-In Sunday

Send-It-In Sunday! If any of you used to read Doll Diaries, they did something called Sunday Showcase, where readers could send in pictures of their dolls to be posted on Sundays. My version is quite similar. You can send in up to 3 pictures of your dolls to with the subject line ‘Send-It-In Sunday’ and don’t forget to add a caption and your name! Every other Sunday, starting May 13, I’ll post them on TAGS. I hope to see lots of pictures from lots of people!


AG FanMeet-Up(1)

Inspired by Loren

I’m super excited about this! TAG’s AG Fan Meet-Up is a completely safe way to meet other AG fans in your area without having to give away any personal information. This year’s will happen in June, and it lasts a whole week. I’ll be doing a post on this closer to the time, so stay tuned.



I’ve never actually done a Q&A, but I think it’s about time I did! Q&A’s are going to become a seasonal thing. Ask away, and I’ll answer!


I hope you’re as excited about these new features as I am! By the way, June sold and I shipped her yesterday. I was kind of hoping someone who read my blog would buy her, but she was shipped to Ohio, so I don’t think that’s happening. Ah, well!

Psssst! Emmie recently posted the first part of her awesome series Serena on her blog, so check it out!


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  1. Cool updates! I’m sending a picture in for Send-It-In Sunday! XD The AG-Fan meet up sounds super cool! There probably wouldn’t be many people in my area, but I’ll try!

    Liked by 1 person

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