Creating Delilah’s Room|AG Room Design

Creating Delilah's Room

Hello, readers! Inspired by all the gorgeous bedroom ideas on Pinterest (check me out, by the way, I’m natalietherese), I did some mini interior design and put together a bedroom for Delilah. The whole process was really, really fun, here’s how I did it.


Blank bedroom! As Delilah would say, ‘a clean canvas,’.


First and foremost, the bed. Delilah’s bed is made from the top half of the box Alexis came in. I added one of my doll mattresses, which was a little wide, so it makes a nice daybed.


Of course, it wouldn’t be very comfortable to just sleep on a mattress, so the next step was to add some blankets and a pillow. I added a crochet throw, too.








Any good bedroom makes use of vertical space, and so got out my foamboard and exacto knife to make a shelf for Delilah.


I glued the shelf to the wall using school glue, which won’t damage the wall.


While it was drying, I proceeded to make a glorious mess and unleash my creativity making posters to adorn the walls.


Delilah loves writing letters, and she keeps the ones she receives on her shelf, along with paintings she particularly likes.


And her posters! Delilah likes inspirational quotes, and she has plenty on her walls.


Going clockwise from the top left, they say ‘Create Every Day,’ ‘She Could Save The World With One Hand,’ ‘Fantastic, Unique, Amazing,’ and ‘Be You, Everyone Else Is Taken.’ (That last one on the far right is a painting of the moon and stars)


The next thing I did was to take a cork coaster and turn it into a bulletin board!


The thumbtacks are pins cut with wire clippers. Perfect!


Now Delilah can remember things easily…if she remembers to remember, that is.


Then I added a combination desk/dresser with Delilah’s laptop, pencils, scissors and paintbrushes, the book she’s reading, and a little wooden bird she keeps.


The last thing I did was put down a rug for cold mornings. It was a snap to make, it’s just a fringed piece of felt.


Voila! Finished!

How do you like Delilah’s room?


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      1. I’m planning on doing a tour, but I need to fix up some furniture to make it look better. 😉 You should do a tour too! 😀

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  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I’m hoping to get a new doll (Luciana), and when I do- I’ll create a room for Lila and Luciana- and even if I don’t get Luciana, I’ll make a room for Lila and my next doll.

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