How To Make a Doll Fishing Rod

How To Make A Doll Fishing Rod.png

Hello, readers! I’m going on vacation in a few days, and while I’m excited about the beach, my little brother is excited about the fishing! Inspired by him and his watery hobby, I decided to make a doll-sized fishing rod! Here’s how;


You’ll Need;

  • Glue
  • A sewing pin
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • A dowel
  • Small beads
  • A large red bead
  • A bobbin or spool
  • A gold paint pen
  • Fishing line
  • A NERF dart or small foam tubing

This craft looks tricky, but its’ really not, it just requires some patience and precision.


Step #1. Cut your Nerf dart down to about 1.5”DSCF9409

Glue it onto the dowel, sliding it up so that the dowel is inside of it. This is the grip for your fishing rod. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.


Step #2. While the grip is drying, use the paint pen you carefully color a thick gold stripe around the middle of your red bead. This is the bobber for yourΒ  rod.DSCF9414

Step #3. Glue the bobbin or spool onto the dowel, just above your grip. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.DSCF9417

Step #4. Meanwhile, bend the pin into a J-curve hook with the needle-nosed pliers.


Step #5. Very carefully, glue the beads, with the holes facing straight up and down, in a row up the rod. I found it was easier to place them using the pliers to set them in their spots.DSCF9420

Mine were spaced about 2/3 of an inch apart.DSCF9424

When all the beads are placed and dried, carefully thread the fishing line or thread through the holes, all the way to the top.DSCF9426

Step #6. Loop the fishing line through your bobber, so that it slides relatively easily.DSCF9427

Then tie the hook to the end of the line.DSCF9428

Then bobber will hide the head of the pin with some adjusting, and look like actual fishing tackle.


Ta-da! One fishing rod!


Looks like Adalyn landed a minnow…catch of the day!



It’s been getting really warm here lately, up in the 80’s, so after a while spent fishing, Adalyn took a little swim to cool off.



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