If Your Doll Gets Wet

If Your Doll Gets Wet(1)

*I was going to post this on Thursday and make you all wait, but apparently I can’t wait for delayed gratification. You’re welcome*

Hello, readers! As some of you noticed in my last post, Adalyn went for a little swim, and lots of people wanted to know how I got those pictures.


Adalyn fell into the water while I was trying to balance her on the shore.

Cue the gasps, shrieks, and heart attacks.

No worries, though, Adalyn survived her little dip, and I got a post out of it. Today’s post is on what to do if your doll gets wet.


The first thing I want to say is that if your doll falls into the water, don’t panic, and snap some pictures! This is probably not going to happen again, and unless there are man-eating sharks in the water, getting some pictures is not going to make anything worse.

Now, let’s talk about what I mean by wet. If it’s just your doll’s vinyl that’s damp, no biggie. Just towel her off.

By ‘wet’ here, I mean your doll has fallen face-first into the water and her body and hair is soaked.

That’s what happened to Adi.


When I pulled her out, she was dripping. Absolutely sopping wet.DSCF9502

The first thing to do is pull your doll’s clothes off and put them aside. You’ll deal with them later, but right now your doll is first priority.DSCF9503

Squeeze as much water as you can out of your doll’s cloth body, and make sure there’s not water inside her limbs. (If there is, gently pull them away from their sockets to allow them to drain.)


Next, run some clean water in a sink or bath and add some mild shampoo. Nothing harsh, just something with a mild scent and cleaning properties.DSCF9505

Rinse your doll’s hair, but don’t wash it just yet. You’re just trying to get any immediate dirt or weeds out of it.DSCF9507

I used the shampoo to wash any dirt off of Adi’s body, and I squeezed her body to expel any dirty water. DSCF9508

When you take your doll out, towel her off, and take her outside.DSCF9510

Lay her out on an old towel in a sunny area that will stay in direct sunlight for at least 5-8 hours.DSCF9511

Fold the towel up over her arms, legs and head to avoid bleaching the in the sun. Then leave your doll to dry out. The sun will kill any odors and dry the water without matting her stuffing.DSCF9512

While your doll is sunning, wash your doll clothes in some clean water. Drain it, add some more and add shampoo or hand soap, making sure to rinse thoroughly.DSCF9513

Adalyn was wearing white shoes, which picked up a lot of dirt. I grabbed an old toothbrush and scrubbed them. You can see the difference it made; the one on the right was scrubbed, the left one wasn’t. DSCF9514

When you’ve rinsed and washed them, lay them out in the sun to dry.


It only took about 2 hours to dry Adalyn’s clothes, but they still smelled musty and were wrinkled, so I washed them again.DSCF9520DSCF9521

Michelle was already doing laundry, so she hung them to dry.DSCF9524DSCF9526

About 6 hours after I laid her out, Adalyn was completely dry.DSCF9528

After your doll is dry, gently shampoo her hair, and brush it out.


If your doll has curly hair, put it up in curlers to give it back its normal shape. Adalyn was a gentle wave in her hair, so I put it in a tight bun overnight to give it a little curl at the tips.DSCF9541

The next morning, Adalyn was as good as new! She survived her DSCF9545

Meg, however, made her promise that she’ll take a buddy whenever she goes fishing, and to never, ever go swimming again.

Adalyn is in pretty much the same or better shape than when she went in the water now. I honestly think AG dolls are much more durable than we give them credit for. They’re made of vinyl plastic and fabric, which are both relatively easy to clean. That’s not to say I won’t be more careful with dolls and water in the future!

Have you ever had a doll get wet?



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  1. AH GOOD! I was a tad bit worried! These tips are super useful. I would have freaked. Did you figure this out on your own? Also what about if water got in the eyes? Would you just drain that as well? I have been scared even when I have accidentally sprayed a little water near their eyes because I wouldn’t want them to rust. I’ve gotten Mckenna’s body damp before by accident. It was no biggie though and eventually dried, but the sun drying is a good idea.



    1. No worries, Adalyn is just fine! Pretty much, yes; I’ve gotten stuffed animals wet, and I sun dried them. The eyes are pretty tightly sealed, Adalyn didn’t have any water in her eyes, but I assume that if water got in, it would drain out, too, so I would just put her face down to get water out. Silver eye isn’t caused by water, actually, it’s a factory defect that happens when the doll is left somewhere hot for a long time. I’ve gotten dolls damp with clean water before, and I just left it to dry. ~Natalie

      On Wed, May 23, 2018, 4:38 PM The American Girl Spot wrote:


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  2. “The first thing I want to say is that if your doll falls into the water, don’t panic, and snap some pictures!” LOLOL THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD. Totally something I would do if I wasn’t panicking! XD


  3. WHAT?????? OMGOSH, I AM SO GLAD THAT ADALYN IS OK!!!!!! This post is really helpful for me because of how clumsy i am. πŸ˜‚


  4. Wow! I love the photos, and I’m so glad she is alright! πŸ™‚ The only times I’ve gotten my dolls wet were when Charlie face planted in a swamp, and when I was really little I had Taryn in a backpack while I was skiing, and I fell backwards, so her face got covered in snow.

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  5. So, I was doing my doll’s hair, when the eyes got wet. Not a lot, just like a few drops. Not even a few, like one. I just want to make sure she’s ok. I dried off her eyes, and made sure that there were no other water droplets. Is there any way to make sure her eyes don’t rust, or should I not worry about it?

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    1. Actually, doll eyes don’t rust. The eyes themselves are sealed inside plastic, so there’s no way for water to get in. If you’ve dried her face off and gotten the water out of her eyelashes, you should be good to go.


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