AG Place DC|I Brought A Custom Doll

AG Place D.C._I Brought A Custom Doll.png

Hey, there, lovelies!

I went to AGP Washington D.C. last week, and I’m super excited to show you all the cute pictures I got.

Butttt….I also did something risky. I felt rebellious, so I brought Michelle, a custom doll.

And I promised myself that, if anyone asked, I would not panic and say she was a CYO.


I was so happy to finally see Nanea in person! I’m still hemming and hawing about whether or not I want her.


Cute little snack stand…


I would really like this picture if the lighting didn’t suck….


GUYS! #80 is SO pretty! I’ve already got a personality and a name picked out, despite the fact that the next three dolls I want are already planned…


Michelle on Nanea’s bed. I was really disappointed to see that it was plastic….


At this point, a store employee came up to me. It was around 7:00 PM when I was in the store, so I was literally one of maybe five people there. The conversation went something like this;

Store Employee;”What doll is that? Is she a Truly Me, or one of the Create Your Owns?”

Me; ”She’s a custom, actually. She’s a Grace doll with a new wig.”

[in the two nanoseconds before she replied my life flashed before my eyes] (JK, JK)

Store Employee; ”Oh, cool! She’s adorable!”

Me; [nearly sags with relief] ”Yeah, I really like her!”

Store Employee; ”I love the bangs-did you cut them yourself?”

Me; ”I did! I think they could probably stand a little more trimming, though.”

And from there we discussed bang lengths and styles for a few minutes and then I went to go see some other things.

I believe the employee’s name was Tamby-so thank you, you made my day. (And Michelle’s, hehe).

This was my first time bringing a custom doll to AGP, and I was, in all honesty, prepared for the worst, but at least two other people told me how cute and unique Michelle was. The response I got was wonderful.

Now for a few more pictures;


I’m definitely going to try both of these styles, so stay tuned for that post!



Some TMs, Wellie Wishers, and Josefina (who I had never seen in person, but I decided was beautiful).

#80 is super pretty, too. I know what I’d name her and who she’d be already…(haha, I wish I could get her).

Luciana…Her purple streak still looks cheap. It’s not-it’s still high-quality kanekalon hair. But the fluorescent PURPLE just looks fake. It’s almost translucent. So Luci is still not very high up on my list of favorite dolls.


The gourmet kitchen!! I’d love to buy this set, but it’s SO expensive….


#80 again…so pretty, my friends, so pretty.


The CYO models. I especially liked this one. I definitely think I can hand-make something very, very similar.DSCF0117

#79 again. I’m a sucker for the Jess mold, and this cutie is my favorite so far.DSCF0116

The mix and match sets. I still think the shorts are really tacky….DSCF0114

#65. Her hairstyle was so pretty.

SUSHI!! I LOVELOVELOVE THIS! I’ll have to buy it for my asian doll family, Delilah and Alex.


Truly Me’s.

By the way, guys, remember my Funniest AG Doll eBay Listings post? Do you remember the Lea doll who looked likeΒ  me had been mauled by a rabid tasmanian devil?

Valentina, who bought that Lea, emailed me pictures of the same doll, all fixed up.


She went from this…

To this! Valentina did a fabulous job-have you ever considered starting a doll hospital?

On an unrelated note, I get my first pair of pointe shoes tomorrow, and I still can’t believe it’s happening. I’ve never looked forward to aching feet so much.

Thanks for reading, guys!


32 thoughts on “AG Place DC|I Brought A Custom Doll

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  1. I’m so glad you had fun at the AG store! That’s awesome that they liked Michelle (but then again, who wouldn’t πŸ™‚ ) I’d really love to take Avery to an AG store next time I go, but I can’t see it going very well because of her hand, I think they’d push sending her to the hospital. Wait, so you know the girl who bought Lea? Does she have a blog? And YAY!!! Pointe shoes!!!
    -Katie πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww, thank you, Katie! I don’t think you’d have a problem taking Avery, but even if they did push it, she is your doll, so you could say no (it’s hard though, hehe). I don’t know, but I’ll ask her. YESSS! I CAN’T WAIT!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Michelle is so cute though! How could you say anything more than beautiful? I’m glad you had a wonderful time doll shopping! (well not shopping πŸ˜‚)
    Have another even more wonderful day today!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh your AG Trip sounds like the best! I’ve tried not to look at the new dolls because I know I’m going to absolutely fall in love with one and want to buy her but I already have so many dolls! #longestsentenceever

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time at the AG store! πŸ™‚
    Also if your heart is telling you should get Nanea or #80, you should get them then! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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