GOTY 2019|Leaks At Last!

GOTY 2019_ Leaks At Last!.png

We’ve ALL been waiting FOREVER, haven’t we? I’m so excited to finally know who GOTY 2019 is, but before all that, I’d like to just say one thing;

I totally called it. Lots of people were saying that Emory Van Zant was going to be GOTY, but I held that it was going to be Blaire Wilson. I win! (although I didn’t make any bets, haha, I should’ve).

Now that I’ve had my moment of gloating, we return to the regularly scheduled (who am I kidding, nothing on here is regularly scheduled, my posts are so erratic) leak post.

*Note; all photo credit goes to Poppets And Posies*

Blaire's Lamb Box Front SQ

She has a sheep! Er, lamb. So maybe we have a farm girl on our hands?

Blaire's Lamb SQ ed

And here it is up close. It’s cute, but seeing as to how AG is probably going to wrack up the price, I’m not super interested. Besides, I actually have a plush lamb that looks quite similar, just in gray.


Blaire's Piglet Box Front SQ

Here is….a pig. It’s probably a piglet, actually, because pigs are not typically seen as cute, and AG seems to be going with a whole baby-animals-and-flowers-and-pastel theme. At first, I really thought all of this was for a new WellieWisher, it’s so…pastel and girly. Not that I have anything against pastels and girliness, but it’s all seeming very stereotyped and overdone to me.

Apron w WM

More pastels and pink and flowers, although I have to admit this is a very pretty apron. It reminds me a little of Melody’s fancy dress, despite the fact that this is a gardening apron, haha. I’m thinking Blaire might be a farm girl-which really excites me, as I’m a farm girl, too.

Apron 2

On second thought, this might not be for gardening, those look like oven mitts to me. And a pretty straw hat-interesting that it’s not covered in flowers and ribbons, just a black band. Hmmm…

Blaire's Acc Box Front SQ

A party planning set! Now I’m just confused. So we have….a farm girl…who does party planning? That’s a new one. That clipboard is freaking adorable, by the way.

Blaire's Accessories and bag SQ

*gasp* Are those STICKERS?? (I LOVE stickers!) Oooh, and that tote. The clipboard is cute, and the bag is cute, how overwhelmingly adorable would it be if you put the clipboard in the bag?? *squeals*


Bottom line? I’m not completely sure who Blaire is going to be. The items and leaks I’ve seen are adding up to a serious Pioneer Woman vibe, which is an interesting prospect.. I’m hoping Blaire isn’t just another stereotypical girl, but I’m also hoping she’s not a discombobulated mixture of different things with a trite storyline (I’m thinking of Gabriela right now). I’m of the opinion that we’re missing something, and that sooner or later there’ll be a leak or two that will tie everything together. I’m excited to see more leaks, especially a mini doll, as those are usually leaked first.

Also, I really hope Blaire is dark blonde like me. With loose curls and gray eyes, preferably. With the Jess or Marie Grace, or even Addy mold. The Josefina mold has been used on SO many GOTYs, something unique, please!

Are you excited for Blaire Wilson? What do you think she’ll look like?



23 thoughts on “GOTY 2019|Leaks At Last!

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      1. Hmmm…the tablet makes her modern then (sadly) Maybe she is a reenactor who reenacts (pioneer) events or something? That would makes sense, maybe she lives in the area where the pioneers traveled. πŸ˜€

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  1. I’m really excited for this new GOTY! I’ve heard that ‘Blaire’ and ‘Wilson’ are very common names and last names for southern African Americans, too, so maybe this girl of the year will be of color!

    Liked by 1 person

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