Fall Photostory Competition

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Hello, there, lovely readers! I’m so excited to announce Emmie’s and my special super-secret project that has been six months in the making, FPC!

FPC is a contest designed by doll bloggers for doll bloggers for an awesome competition and cool prizes! We’ve been working away for what seem like forever, so without further ado, here’s all the info you need to enter;

  • FPC – Fall Photostory Competition – is exactly what it sounds like! It’s two-round competition hosted by Emmie from AGW and me!
  • Here’s how it works:
  • In the first round, the Audition Round, you will write and photograph a 200-600 word photostory based on the two Audition Round prompt! (The Audition Round part of the contest is loosely inspired by this contest by foreveranddollways.)
  • We’ll have two weeks for everyone to put together and enter their photostories, and then Emmie and I will pick six (or more, depending on how many people enter!) photostories to continue to the Finals!
  • The finalists will write and photograph 400-800 word photostory based on the three new prompts!
  • The top 3 highest scoring winners will receive special prize packages!

Third place will receive: A winner graphic and their photostory featured on our blogs!

Second place will receive: All third place prizes and a guest post on each of our blogs!

First place will receive: All second and third place prizes, a doll trophy made by Emmie, a TAGS t-shirt, and signed photos of our dolls! *Note: If the first place winner is not allowed to give their address to us so we can send the first place prizes, then the second place winner will receive the prizes, and if they can’t then third place, and so on.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of the competition, let’s list the rules!

  • All photostories must be your own and original (no remakes of old photostories, books, movies, classic stories/fairytales, etc.)
  • You are allowed to edit your photos.
  • The Audition Round photostories must be 200-600 words long and include at least ten pictures. The Finals photostories must be 400-800 words long and include at least twelve pictures.
  • Although American Girl Dolls are the preferred subject for your photos, you can use stuffies, other dolls, clay figures, etc.
  • Please keep your photostory G-rated, appropriate and God-honoring!
  • Your photostory will be judged in five categories based on a point system: Photo, props, doll, writing, and story.
  • Please, do not post your photostory on your blog until after the competition ends.
  • When you enter, you will need to give Emmie and I your email address. We will never use it for spam purposes, only to notify you if you have made it to the finals, answer or ask questions, and remind you of deadlines.
  • When you have entered, you will email us your finished audition photostory within the next two and a half weeks.
  • You do not need a blog to enter.
  • The deadline to sign up is: November 29th

Sign Up Today!

The audition round prompts are;




Kudos to Emmie for such awesome-looking prompts!

You do not need to use all of the prompts in your story, but feel free to use more than one!

During the audition round, we are looking for many things in your entry, most importantly;

  • Quality photography,
  • Nice ‘actors’ (your dolls, of course)
  • An interesting storyline

While we can’t give you instructions on exactly how to win, we can give you a few tips;

  • Dolls who look like they’re staring into space, are half dressed, or have messy hair are a serious turnoff to us.
  • Grainy, dark photography and misspellings are a no-no.
  • We LOVE a fresh, compelling storyline, so don’t be afraid to get a creative and/or slightly weird!
  • ANY plagiarism ( a story very similar to another blogger’s photostory, past or present) we find will be automatically disqualified from the competition

Remember, the best advice we can give is to be unique and creative! We can’t wait to start getting entries, and are looking forward to reading all your photostories!


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    1. Unfortunately, there’s been some confusion on the timing (my fault!), but when my post goes up it will have a contact form for you to enter! It will go up within a few minutes at https://americangirlworld.blog. Yes, first you enter, and then we’ll send you an email with all the details you need before you send your story! Can’t wait for your entry!

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