Blaire, Good Choices, and Eileen

Hello, lovely readers! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and avoided receiving coal…unless that’s what you wanted, in which case I can’t help you.

We can all stop holding our breath as to whether AG made a good choice concerning Blaire’s story; Blaire is planning an actual wedding and a valid marriage-that is, a young woman is marrying a young man. Hallelujah!! Check out and for more information. One more fascinating fun fact; Blaire is lactose intolerant!

Interestingly, the back of the book says she has ”just been diagnosed with a dairy allergy” but inside she is said to be lactose intolerant; which if you don’t know, aren’t the same thing. A dairy allergy entails anaphylactic shock and a hospital visit, being lactose intolerant (which is what I am) means you get an upset stomach or in some cases…er, can’t keep it down. However, most lactose intolerant people can just take a lactase enzyme if they want to eat ice cream or milk, and stay symptom free. Not sure if AG knows that they’re waydifferent? Apologies for the medical lesson, hehe.

See, no bangs. Not Ella.

One more announcement; There is a new member of Pleasant Street. She was featured in A Christmas Day Carol post…but as I didn’t show her face, I’m pretty sure you all just thought she was Ella, haha. (although Quinley thought she was Isabelle, so maybe that was the popular opinion?) I’m relatively sure her name is Eileen, but…we haven’t gotten acquainted yet, so I’m not positive….

Are you excited for Blaire? Glad to breathe again? 

What did you get for Christmas?

17 thoughts on “Blaire, Good Choices, and Eileen

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      1. I appreciate that, thank you.
        Oh, no, people don’t have to be young to be married, I was just mentioning that because it was part of Blaire’s story. I wasn’t very clear about that, sorry!


      2. I think what she’s saying is that she disagrees that a valid wedding is only for two different genders… meaning, she thinks a valid wedding can include LGBTQ people too, which I think is wrong. Sorry if I’m wrong XD

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  1. Happy New Year’s!
    I looked into Blaire’s book, apparently she is an junior chief (which sounds kind of like a copy of Grace), and has a screen time issue (and doing a search about Blaire came up with some many articles basically saying “help!” or “this wasn’t a good idea for 2019”, which I actually kind of actually agree on, it’s a big issue right now, so maybe that is why AG focused on it, but why not make her a doll that actually knows how to balance technology and daily life? So that she is a good role model for little girls, I guess that wouldn’t make it as much of the problem of the story, but still I am sure AG is creative enough (though they haven’t been using their creativity as much recently) to come up with a better problem for Blaire to face). But it is cool that she shares a similarity to you with being lactose intolerant.
    One more thing I want to point out is that her farm’s name is “Pleasant View” and your dolls live on “Pleasant street”

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    1. That’s interesting! I guess they’re trying to make her seem ‘real’ by touting the screen time issue? I feel like they’re trying to make her too many things at once. Chef, wedding planner, farm girl…. it’s just a lot.
      I liked that, too. I also live on a farm, so that’s fun.
      WHAT? Really? That’s really crazy….

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      1. It is, but I assume that since she works on a farm that she would not have much time to the screen, honestly you have chickens to feed, cows to milk, assuming she does those things and she doesn’t just mope around the farm doing nothing.
        Also as a blogger I felt that her blog was a little unrealistic for some reason I don’t know why, it just did, unless she is a professional blogger which I don’t think she is, everything shouldn’t be that perfect.

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      2. Exactly! Real girl’s blogs aren’t like that. If I were AG, I would have taken a more casual, imperfect approach. After all, Blaire is what, 11? That’s awfully young for a flawless professional blogger!

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  2. @Natalie Therese, perhaps her parents helped her set up the blog or something? But I don’t know. It still seems a little far fetched that her blog would be that perfect. And they say nothing about her being a photographer so why are her photos so perfect? Also how come her parents let her post a picture of herself? (Some young bloggers aren’t allowed to do those things so why do they make it that way for her?)

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    1. Maybe…? But if her parents weren’t professionals, then I don’t think they’d be that much help. That, too! Perhaps it’s so perfect because they want to encourage girls to blog, but it seems like a setup for frustration. I noticed that! I’m not allowed to post pictures of my face, and I’m nearly two years older than Blaire. It’s just a good general safety practice, especially for girls in that age range. Hmm….

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      1. Yeah it does, when I began blogging my blog was not that perfect and from what it looks like Blaire has only made a few posts yet her blog is prim and perfect. (my blogs looked NOTHING like that when I started.)

        True, not everyone can do that on the blogosphere.

        P.S. I just wanted to let you know that the link to my site you included in the post is broken, I can give you the working link if you would like. 🙂

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