Nothing Says ‘Easter’ Like Cadbury Creme

Happy Easter, dear readers!

Here on the East Coast, it’s a glorious spring morning, and several of the Pleasant Street girls are out in the sunshine with their chocolate eggs.

These, of course, are only the best chocolate eggs around, the epitome of Eastertide.

And even if you aren’t eating chocolate eggs at the moment, who could possibly resist feeling happy with the sun on their face and the spring breeze in their hair?

Who could possibly not feel smug when they find those illustriously hidden foil-wrapped treasures?

Even though their shiny jewel-tone wrapping makes them pretty easy to spot in the grass….

A tap-dancing banana wrestling with a polka-dot armadillo

It’s a beautiful morning to be celebrating the Resurrection by eating chocolate with friends.

I’m so happy with the way their hair looks. Bailey’s pigtails, Eileen’s half ponytail, and Carolyn’s braided pullback.
I love Carolyn’s hair precisely for this reason. It’s pink! How awesome is that?

Here’s to beautiful mornings, Cadbury Crème, friends and family, and the amazing gift we were given over 2,000 years ago.

I hope you all have a wonderfully happy Easter!

7 thoughts on “Nothing Says ‘Easter’ Like Cadbury Creme

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  1. Would you like to hear some A++++ horrid dad jokes? Here they are:
    What happened when the Easter bunny get into trouble at school? He was EGGspelled!

    How did the Easter bunny stay fit? EGGcersize!

    Where does a bunny go if you give it a pair of socks? The sock hop!

    Why did the Easter bunny have to cross the road? The chicken had his eggs!
    Your welcome world! XD

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