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Hey there, lovely readers!

It’s been a little while since I last posted, it’s funny how you think you’ll have so much time during the summer to be productive, and then you spend a good chunk of that time just hanging out with friends or listening to music or sleeping with your face buried in a cat (the best way to nap, in my opinion).

But recently we had some really nice cool weather that didn’t make me want to submerge myself in ice water after going outside, and because I was without friends and none of my cats were in prime napping position, I took pictures of Alex while listening to music.

I thought I’d do something a little different today and show you my pictures before and after I edit them. While I don’t always edit my pictures, and I don’t edit them very heavily, I do think a little bit of editing can really improve a picture.

This is honestly not a terrible picture. It’s focused, it’s pretty, but it could be better. Enter my photo-editing software!

The effect is subtle, but after using an unsharp mask and changing the brightness and contrast levels, it looks so much better.

This picture probably needed the least amount of editing. It’s a little washed out, something that can really ruin an image.

All I had to do was up the contrast, and it really popped instead of being all flat and boring.

For this one, there were two main things I wanted to fix. The blue smudge in the corner (aka my foot) and how dark Alex’s eyes were. Brown eyed dolls often look like they have completely black eyes due to lighting, which is…less than ideal.

Blue smudge vanquished, eyes brightened, thanks to brightness/contrast levels and an airbrush.

Another washed out picture, plus the hair in her face was driving me nuts.

Both problems fixed in no time. There’s something about Alex’s wig that makes it super prone to flyaways, and I almost always edit them out since they bug the heck out of me.

Again, not a terrible picture. But could it be made better? Why yes, yes it can.

Flyaways edited out, image sharpened. Picture improved!

I didn’t edit all the pictures from this photoshoot of course, there were several that were just fine as they were. Sometimes I let the little imperfections slide because they make the dolls seem more ‘real’. I try to edit my pictures just to enhance or correct, not completely overhaul.

What are your thoughts on picture editation?

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  1. These photos look really good! Even before the edits. I love how you only changed a little bit. Personally I don’t edit my photos because that takes too long. I’d rather work on other aspects of my posts. But I think it turns out well for you.

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