The Leungs



The Leung sisters moved to Pleasant Street in May 2018. Delilah and Alexis are both half-Chinese, although they were born in the US.


Delilah Maryanne Leung is your typical nifty-and-crafty girl, with a headful of ideas and a cabinet full of supplies. She loves all things crafty and creative, especially sewing, painting, and sketching.  Delilah also volunteers at a local animal shelter, as she will go nuts over anything small and fluffy. Delilah would love to spend all of her time crafting, but, of course, there’s school, and keeping her sister Alexis out of trouble. She can usually be found with a pile of art supplies, letting her creative juices flow.

Age; 13

Favorite Color; How do you expect her to choose?

Favorite Food; Chocolate chip cookies

Family; Her younger sister, Alexis

Address; 1602 Pleasant Street



Alexis is fun-loving and can be a little mischievous. She loves DC Superheroes and video games, and when Delilah kicks her off the Xbox, she likes playing softball outside. Alex can be a bit salty at times, but she has a great sense of humor, and is always ready to make a joke. Alex is very much inspired my 10-year-old me-I was quite the tomboy and nerd. While my tastes have changed somewhat, Alex will always be special and cherished

Age; 10

Favorite color; Red

Favorite food; Cheeseburgers

Family; Her older sister, Delilah

Address; 1602 Pleasant Street


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