The Mconnells

Meet the Mconnell sisters, the first doll family to move to Pleasant Street. From left to right, they are Ella, Meg, Adalyn and Michelle.


Elliana Mconnell

10-year-old Ella is fun-loving and sweet, and she loves anything to do with clothing or hair-so if you need fashion advice, look no further! Ella is very protective of her wardrobe full of clothes, but if you ask nicely, she will gladly lend you something. Although Ella can be a little bossy, she loves her sisters (Meg, Adalyn, and Michelle) deeply, and really only tells them their outfits are dreadful because she loves them. That’s not to say it gets on their nerves nonetheless!

Age: 10

Favorite Food: Strawberry-frosted cupcakes

Family: Her sisters, Meg, Adalyn, and Michelle.

Address: 1601 Pleasant Street


Margaret Mconnell

Meg is responsible and mature, and keeps her sisters (Adalyn, Ella, and Michelle) in line. Her full name is Margaret, but most people call her just Meg. As the oldest, she’s usually trying to keep her family from destroying the house (and possibly themselves), but when she’s not, Meg is usually with a book-whether she’s writing it or reading it. An aspiring authoress, she always has pencil and paper at the ready, and one day hopes to be a published author.

Age: 12

Favorite Food: Olives

Family: Her sisters, Michelle, Ella, and Kit

Address: 1601 Pleasant Street


Adalyn Mconnell

Adi is a tomboy through and through. Her favorite outfit is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt; she hates the color pink, and can’t stand dresses. Playing with dolls? Nah, she’d rather go catch frogs. Baking cookies? Nope, Adalyn would rather climb trees and then eat cookies hanging upside down from a branch. She loves video games, pranking, and driving her sisters crazy. Don’t call her by her full name or make her wear a skirt, or you’ll find itching powder in your shoes and toads in your bed! The one adopted member of her family (Adi was born in Japan) she’s the youngest and the most mischievous.

Age: 9

Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets

Family: Her sisters, Meg, Michelle, and Ella

Address: 1601 Pleasant Street


Michelle Mconnell

Michelle is quite stylish, but sometimes doesn’t like what she finds in stores, which is why she often sews her own outfits. She’s 1/4 French, and enjoys baking croissants and other French treats. Michelle had leukemia four months ago, and while it’s currently in remission, her hair hasn’t grown back yet, so she sometimes wears a wig. Michelle is usually outgoing and confident, but can be quiet sometimes in the chatter. However, she can definitely make herself heard if she wants to!

Age; 11

Favorite food; Croissants

Family; Her sisters, Meg, Adalyn and Ella

Address; 1601 Pleasant Street.

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